Trigger Point Therapy (TPT)

A key factor which may contribute to the pain and dysfunction of a muscle is the development of trigger points within it. A trigger point is defined by Janet Travell as ‘a hyper irritable locus within a taut band of muscle that is painful upon compression and has a predictable pain pattern’. For example, migraines are often caused by trigger points in the upper fibres of the trapezius muscle. Locating and releasing these trigger points can prevent the reoccurrence or frequency of migraines.

What causes Trigger Points?

There are many causes: accidents, misuse, overuse, misalignments, disc and other spinal problems. The resulting inflammation, along with emotional stressors, cause muscle cells to contract. When the muscle cells contract continuously, thereby constricting their own blood supply, there is a local ‘energy crisis’ for the cells. When this occurs, the cells do not have enough energy to stop contracting, and prolonged spasm and trigger points ensue.

How does it work?

Trigger Point Therapy essentially loosens these knots, allowing improved blood flow to the area. As a result, the area begins to heal. As soon as the ‘knots’ are relieved, there is often an immediate and remarkable reduction in pain, soreness, and discomfort, as well as the beginning of long term relief. If pursued properly over a number of session, the muscles will heal themselves and the symptoms with be abated. The treatment is simple, minimally invasive and quick. Improvement is usually noted after each visit.


Trigger-Point at Chichester Clinical Massage

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