The MELT Method

What is the MELT Method?

The MELT Method® (MELT®) is a simple self-treatment technique that reduces chronic pain and helps you stay healthy, youthful and active for a lifetime.

Using simple techniques on the hands and feet, I can help you learn to eliminate stuck stress before it accumulates, causing chronic aches and pains. This is initially achieved using unique MELT Method soft balls, before progressing to a MELT soft roller. A few minutes a day is all it takes!

What are the signs of Stuck Stress?

*Joint Pain

*Muscle Aches

*Anxiety / Depression

*Mid-day Fatigue

*Sleep Issues



*Migraines / Headaches

*Mood Swings

*Weight Gain

These are all precursors to pain – whilst we learn to live with a low-level discomfort on a daily basis, it’s really not OK to feel this way. We should feel good in our bodies and be able to enjoy life…even more so in our retirement!

MELT Improves:

*Flexibility and Mobility


*Workout performance

*Sleep and Digestion

*Overall well-being

MELT Reduces:

*Aches and Pains

*Tension and Stress


*Risk of Injury

*Wrinkles and Cellulite

How has MELT helped me?

Having Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have managed my autoimmune disease with diet and exercise without resorting to medication, but it is the MELT Method that has enabled me to live pain free. By using the MELT balls on a daily basis, I have been able to eliminate all signs of stuck stress! But most importantly, MELT has made me prioritise self-care and ‘me time’.

Don’t put up with pain or stuck stress! Be proactive and start to feel good in your own body again.

I also stock MELT Method products from the USA, so get in touch to order yours and make a start your own MELT self-care.

For hygiene reasons, MELT products are none refundable unless there is a genuine manufacturing fault.

“A little proactive self-care goes a long way toward
keeping you pain-free and active for a lifetime”
– Sue Hitzmann, Creator of the MELT Method


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