Sports Massage

Pre-Event Massage

For many athletes, massage plays an important role in their pre-event preparation. Sports massage can enable you to train and compete more efficiently helping you to achieve those personal bests.

Sports massage focuses on releasing tight, contracted and overworked muscles and helps to restore them to their optimum condition. The stimulating techniques are designed to ‘wake up’ the muscles by increasing the circulation of blood and allowing the muscles to be flushed and oxygenated.  Joint mobilisation involves performing a back and forth oscillation of the joint in order to restore motion.

Please note pre-event massage should not replace your stretching / warm up routine.

Post Event Massage

The post event massage is designed to relax and soothe overworked muscles after strenuous activities, reducing soreness and decreasing recovery time by aiding lymphatic and circulatory systems. This flushes out lactic acid and other by-products of intense activity and helps to re-establish the full range of motion in the joints.

Recovery time can be dramatically reduced with a post event massage – the main objective is to decrease muscle fatigue, cramping and inflammation. Post event massage is most effective immediately after the event and up to one day after.

Post event massage can compliment an athlete’s ‘cool down’ routine, focusing on passive stretches which help to return muscles to their correct length.


Regular maintenance sessions would be beneficial, allowing you to maintain your ability to train and compete at your optimum level as well as helping to prevent injuries.


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