Scar Therapy

‘Scar Work’ is a new form of treatment performed by only a handful of qualified therapists in the UK. Developed by American ‘ROLFer’ Sharon Wheeler, these gentle, specialised techniques focus on integrating the adhered scar tissues into the fascial web, improving function of the surrounding tissues.

Both natural and surgical scars of any age can respond immediately and the changes after just one intervention can be extensive. The technique starts with surface layers and reaches into the deepest layers of fascia of the bones and organs. The lumps, gaps, ridges and bumps in the scar tissue are rapidly smoothed out, while the tightness of the tissues subsides.

As normality is restored, the filmy ‘layers’ of fascia are able to glide across each other once again as the connective tissue begins to rehydrate, helping to release ‘stuck’ postural patterns and increase range of movement. As the dense fascial adhesions are reduced, numbness and nerve impairment is often also improved. Scar Work techniques help to facilitate the body’s own healing process- the changes that occur are usually permanent, and continue to release after the session.

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