Online Wellness Clinic

This programme is ideal for those who would prefer to receive help via online sessions, or those who are shielding / injured and cannot access the clinic for hands-on treatment.

With the help of Jing Advanced Massage Training, I have adapted my clinical massage skills in order to teach you how to self-treat from home via Zoom. This may also include techniques such as The MELT Method to incorporate into your self-care practice

Some of the conditions I can support you with include:

*Muscular Aches & Pains

*Chronic Pain Conditions

*Headaches, Migraines, Jaw pain

*Neck & Low Back Pain

*Sleep & Stress Issues

*Joint / Mobility Issues

Your first session will include a detailed health history to ensure that I can advise the most appropriate course of treatment. At this appointment, we will also discuss your treatment objectives and arrange a suitable day / time for your 6 weekly sessions. I will then devise a plan for your self-care, which will be flexible and will vary depending on your needs each week.

Sessions may include:

*Self Massage

*Self Trigger Point Release


*Mobility Work


*Rehab Exercises

*Breath Work

*The MELT Method techniques

*Soft Tissue Release

To book this programme, please refer to the Appointments page for full details

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