MELT Method Classes

Live Pain Free

Join us for a 6 week programme and learn how to eliminate chronic pain and live a happier, healthier lifestyle!

Do you…

* Feel stiff on waking
* Have aches and pains
* Have join pain / inflammation
* Have digestive issues / weight gain / constipation
* Struggle to sleep or wake in the night to pee
* Feel that your workout efforts have plateaued
* Have anxiety / depression
* Have repetitive injuries
* Have balance / coordination issues

” When daily living outweighs our ability to ‘restore’ and ‘regulate’ stress, we can no longer maintain efficiency within the body” ~ Sue Hitzmann, creator of The MELT Method

On this programme you will:

* Decompress your neck and low back
* Re-balance the nervous system
* Quiet the stress / pain response
* Hydrate your body’s connective tissue
* REALLY find your core
* Improve your workout performance
* Improve your energy and sleep
* Improve flexibility and posture
* Avoid premature ageing
* Eliminate chronic pain

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