MELT Classes & Workshops

If you are ready to start your MELT Method self-care journey, then these are your options:

Weekly MELT Class (Via Zoom) Tuesdays 5 pm (some MELT experience is needed for this one)

MELT Method Workshops with me

Contact me if you would like information on workshops. I run these from time to time throughout the year for beginners, refresher classes, advanced classes and specific issues such as neck and low pain pain

MELT Method – A beginner’s guide to MELTing

This self paced course provides you with a step-by-step guide of the beginner’s techniques, one area of the body at a time Purchase this download

MELT on Demand

You can now download the app and subscribe to access 100’s of videos from the MELT Method creator Sue Hitzmann. Try the Free 7 day trial for unlimited access to MELT classes and weekly videos.

Email me to purchase your MELT equipment from here in the UK

MELT Method Testimonial

***MELT Workshop Testimonial***

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